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iPod PC Transfer Suit 7.3

You can transfer photos, videos and music from iPod or iPhone to your PC
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iPod PC Transfer Suit bundles a photo and a music transfer tool. The application allows you to download the music off your iPhone and save it to your hard drive and if your iPod supports photos, it can also be used to download those to your computer. iPod PC Transfer Suit requires iTunes to work. You most likely have this already installed if you are an iPod user.

iPod PC Transfer Suit is simply a mix of two applications: iPod PC Transfer Photo and iPod PC Transfer. If you get the "Suit" or bundle, you get a much better deal. This bundle uses a launcher to start each task.

When you start the music transfer app, you will be taken to a separate window which shows all the songs on your device, along with all your playlists, including podcasts and books. By default, all your songs are checked, so you can simply click on the "Transfer" button and download every song to your hard drive. Or you can uncheck all the songs and check only those that you want to download.

The photos app works the same way. You see all the pictures that you have on your device and click the ones that you want to save or use the "Select all" button.

All in all, this app worked flawlessly when I installed iTunes. If you don't have it, the app will do all kinds of crazy stuff. It will not detect your device and then crash at random times.

José Fernández
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  • Both apps worked well


  • It requires iTunes
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